Рубрика: English club

Entrance camp

On March 22-26, I participated in the entrance camp. These were interesting days․
We played chess․ We sang national songs and danced. We played table tennis. We rode a bicycle․We visited the Grape and Wine School. We learned how to make wine. We did some handicraft work. We made brooches from dried flowers․ I gladly took part in the shooting practice․ We did some gardening work with a shovel and a rake․ We met Mariet Simonyan. We analyzed fables and literary works․ We visited the wonderful world of plants. We learned about useful and poisonous plants. We moved the plants from one flowerpot to another. There were parrots and fish there too.

We went to the training farm and rode a horse․ We made earrings, brooches, plates, jugs with clay․ We participated in an educational divine service in the Holy Trinity Church.
We participated in the happiest, most national media Friday in the Marble Hall. That was a wonderful performance with Armenian songs. Each school had an ensemble that represented one song. Those were wonderful performances, spiced with national songs and dances. On the way home, those songs were still ringing in my ears. During the entrance camp days we visited all the schools, participated in the morning trainings. As we had learned all the songs, we actively participated in the Media Friday. We enjoyed the media Friday very much. The educational complex is a very big and warm family for me, where not only do I work, but I also enjoy communicating with everyone. We have become one big family, where all the staff is attentive, friendly, close and dear to one another. I love our educational complex very much և I am very happy to be a member of this big family.

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